Our Products

Local Honey: Pure, raw, natural honey from the Brentwood/Knightsen area. The honey is unfiltered, not heated or pasteurized. Many use the honey as a homeopathic treatment for sore throats and allergy symptoms, as well as for pure enjoyment of its sweet, sticky, goodness!

Nuts/Seeds /Snacks: We offer a huge assortment of in shell nuts, nut meats, roasted/salted and no salt nuts. Nuts are a healthy snack, high in protein with no cholesterol. Additionally, we carry a variety of raw and roasted seeds and crunchy snacks including corn nuts, sesame stix, fried peas and many more.

Dried Fruits: We have a variety of sun-dried California valley fruit, as well as tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya and ginger. Some of our dried fruit is organic, some has sugar added and some is preserved with sulfur dioxide.

Baskets: We have a large selection of basket gifts, all hand processed here in our store. From our shrink wrapped fruit and nut trays to the largest cello wrapped baskets we pay careful attention to quality and design. We make custom and corporate gifts and can create a beautiful presentation in nearly any price range.

Oils/Spices/Sauces: We have local olive oils and vinegars as well as an assortment of sauces, mustards and spices mostly from California. We do carry a few items from outside the area to accommodate customer requests.
Jams, Jellies : We feature local jams and jellies and a large selection of California fruit jams. Additionally, we have specialty pepper jellies that are popular for entertaining and sugar free spreads for those who need to limit sugar consumption.

Candies: Our candies are nearly all California products and we offer a large selection of chocolates, brittles, and old fashioned candies. Additionally, we stock a variety of sugar-free candies.
Gourmet mixes: Include delicious soup mixes, scones, rice mix, drink and dip mixes, holiday cocoas, teas and many more.